Thursday, 7 September 2017

Entrepreneurship story

"Failure is not a pre-requisite for success. Already successful entrepreneurs are far more likely to succeed again than who failed"

Jason Fried, Rework

As a believer of the above, I truly think that we should educate our children for success. Are we educated like that? Unfortunately I think not. Recently during one coaching session I was asked what was I afraid of and found out astonished that actually I might fear success itself. Seems it is quite more feared than death by most of us. 

Original artwork by Mike Rohde
Am I now on my path to success? Surely I am, what that means to me or how quickly I shall get there depends on mission, goals, beliefs and how quickly I will be able to let go of fears.

I started to dream about entrepreneurship more than 5 years ago. It took me 4 years and one unhappy job experience to jump. After one more year and having used all my savings, I am still not there. It took me that long to find out exactly what I need to learn and find within me the courage to start learning.

I am today a real estate agent, as part of my learning entrepreneurship curve. Am I deriving form my goal?I don't know, this was for me the best way I found to learn sales.

What comes to my mind with the phrase "real estate agent" is not positive at all. Most of us, we have the image of a unprofessional sales person in mind. Why, because to be a really good is so difficult and we don't get to meet the good ones in everyday situations. We also think it is the easiest thing in the word to perform sales and it is not. You need a strict schedule to track and organised your time and to follow-up on hundreds of leads at the same time. As your clients judge you so quickly you don't get a second chance, so you have to be ready, in a good mood and prepared all the time. Paradoxically you don't need just to move quickly but also to be patient and have a very high self esteem, as most of transactions take time and a lot of attention to detail to lead to completion and most of them don't finalize anyway in spite of flawless handling.

-To be continued, when I will become a successful entrepreneur. :-)